Business Advice

  • We can advise on a wide range of business issues such as bookkeeping, annual accounts and closing of accounts. We can also help when it comes to business acquisitions, transfers, splits or mergers.
  • Bexio partner for your support in accounting, salaries, VAT statement, automatic retrieval of bank information.
  • Assist with accounts and analysis in preparation for intermediary accounts, budget revisions, management support and internal control systems.
  • Help with salary and social security payments, analyze insurance portfolios and pensions ( LPP ). We are able to advise those who wish to become self –employed or indeed those who no longer want to be. Consult on budgeting, financial plans and cash flow. Evaluate businesses. We are also able to supply accounting or administrative staff on a short-term basis to assist in cases of accident, sickness, sudden departure or restructure.